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With all of my knitting posts, it’s hard to remember I sew sometimes, too. Oma had given me this fabric a few years before she passed away, trusting that I’d make something, as she put it, “serviceable.” Her skill with a sewing machine far exceeded mine, but every now and again something works out that I can actually wear. I made this dress a few holiday seasons ago, and find myself sporting it each year as the weather turns chilly. We woke up this morning to the first snow dusting of the season in the Hudson Valley, and it seemed like the perfect thing to keep me toasty warm while I teach on the last day of classes before Thanksgiving break.

Front view:

plaid dress 2

Back view:plaid dress 1

My favorite part might be the darts:

darts 2

More darts:

darts 1

And here I am trying it out with the Richmond Sweater I made earlier this year:

plaid in action



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New Suffolk arm warmers that go up and over the elbow, knitted in a chunky charcoal yarn. Paired with two Ainslie scarves wrapped together in hand-dyed green and navy baby alpaca.

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