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I’ve often wanted to experiment with making ornaments, but the holiday season always passes me by before I have the chance. This year, I got started early. It certainly helped that I acquired a bunch of doily-strength yarn from my grandmother’s house this past fall. I tried out some patterns from the Snowcatcher website, which has a lot of ideas to get you started.

flakes finished


The first step is to go ahead and crochet your little snowflakes. It’s tricky using such fine yarn, but it gets easier the more you do it:

flakes in process step 1

The next step is to paint your snowflakes with a glue-and-water mixture, and pin them to some sort of drying rack. I put down a layer of wax paper, and pinned them to a bulletin board I use for blocking. One thing I learned the hard way: use straight pins instead of thumbtacks if you can! I used thumbtacks, and a few of the pieces have little rusty stains on them if you look closely.

flakes in process

After letting them dry for about 24 hours, carefully remove the pins and peel them from the wax paper.¬†Here’s a close-up of one of my favorites:

flake close up

Add a little string, and hang them in your window or on the tree. Voilà!

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