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Though I’ve had little time to knit since starting my new job as a professor at SUNY New Paltz, I’ve been working steadily on this sweater — my second official commission. It’s also, incidentally, the first v-neck I’ve ever made (thank you for the challenge, Cade — I learned something new!)! Knitted up in a deep navy blue and bright, jolly red, this sweater was completed just in time for the wintery months to come and is sure to keep its owner toasty warm. The red yarn is from Oma’s vintage stash, which makes it a particularly special one-of-a-kind Brooker Hollow original. (Special thanks to Brian for modeling upon request.)

CR sweater 1 CR sweater 2 CR sweater 3

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I cooked up a few more reversible pillows for a stoop sale last weekend — both from more of Oma’s leftover yarn. One big, one small. Though the pictures really don’t reveal the true brilliance of the colors, you get the idea.

pillows stacked

Here’s a front and back view of the big one. The back view (the second photo below) has gotten some interest on instagram, and I wonder if I should keep at the asymmetrical, colorblock patterning more often. Colors used: day-glo pink, chartreuse, yellow, charcoal, heather grey, orange:

big throw 1

big throw 2
Here are some shots of the smaller one, front and back. Colors used: day-glo pink, red, orange, charcoal, heather grey, tangerine.

small 2

small 1


I’ve been wanting to make some more pillows for own bed for quite some time. I’d gotten as far as making two about a year ago, and recently rounded out the number to four:


Here are some close ups of the new ones. This is the bigger one, front and back:

pillows 2And the smaller one:

pillows 1

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