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This time of year always makes me think of when I was a kid, and being by the water. Which makes me think of fishing boats. And I find myself wanting to wear a lightweight scarf all the time, as the weather makes up its mind if it’s going to finally get warm or not. So this new scarf is inspired by scarves I’ve worn for years (see below), and trawlers, the nets that fishing boats pull behind them.

Here is the new scarf in jade. The actual color is a bit more jewel-toned and brilliant, but is hard to capture in a photograph accurately:

trawler 2

A few years ago, a dear friend brought back a scarf from Thailand, and it reminded me of a scarf another dear friend brought back for me from Paris in college, which reminded me of a scarf my sister brought back for me from Berlin in high school. I’ve long lost the ones from Berlin and Paris, but all three were similar in shape and function: square, and easy to shape into a triangle and wrap around for optimal comfort in transition weather. I patterned the Trawler Scarf into a triangle, thinking of how much I loved wearing these three other scarves that were gifted to me over the years. Here’s the one from Thailand:

scarf 1

And here’s both styled another way, so you can get a sense of the similarity in shape:

side by side

Available for purchase here.

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These were an experiment in decorative knitwear as stockings or spats of some kind. Crocheted in 100% cotton thread. I made them a while ago now, but they never made it over to the new blog.

Tall spats with stirrup. Jade.

spats 1

spats 2


spats 3


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