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Brian in his Simple Scarf in grey and green and new Shepard Fingerless Gloves in red and white.

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New Suffolk arm warmers that go up and over the elbow, knitted in a chunky charcoal yarn. Paired with two Ainslie scarves wrapped together in hand-dyed green and navy baby alpaca.

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So finally, after some moving around of things on my website, the BH blog finally has a permanent home.  I’ll be posting photos of things I’m working on as I work on them.

If you know me, you know I’ve been posting photos for years now in a million different places about things I make.  A while ago now, a good friend suggested collecting those images in one place.  So here’s what I hope will be my permanent attempt to do just that.

I started making fingerless gloves with chains and rivets last month. This was the first sample.

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