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I have made many hats over the years, but have been horrible at documenting them. A few years back, I came up with a series that was inspired by the colors and textures of the North Fork of Long Island, where I grew up. A few years back, I’d spent a dreary, rainy weekend out there, and came home wanting to reflect the beautiful, rich, grey-and-blue hues of the winter beaches and skies. I started calling this hat, with my signature assymetrical pattern (note the wider rib on the right side of my head), the Saltwater Cap. It’s knitted up in 100% merino wool in a color called denim. Here’s the view from the front:

Saltwater cap frontAnd from the side:

Saltwater cap side


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At long last, I finally finished my nephew’s Breakwater Crew. And it fits!

Original pattern. Knitted in denim merino wool.

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I made a knit t-shirt.

 I made the hat from yarn I got from Oma.  It’s literally as bright as it looks in the picture.  Too bad it’s that kind of acrylic yarn from the 60s that feels like plastic.


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