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Back by popular demand for another season, the Union Scarf is a chunky, warm, delicious cowl to wrap up in on the chilliest of days. I’m most excited to introduce some new colors this year — here’s a subtle grey with bits of day-glo yellow:

union in day glo

As always, I’ll be making the scarf in a mixture of solid colors, too:

union scarf

union 4


union 3

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Back in January 2011, when I was just starting out with Brooker Hollow, a friend and colleague of mine, Michael, would occasionally comment on Brooker Hollow photos I posted on Facebook. At the time, I was looking for people to try out samples, and so I made and sent him two chunky cowls to try out.

Michael recently made my day by forwarding a stunning photo that he took of himself with his partner, Derwin, all wrapped up in one of those cowls.

© 2014 afrographia

And here’s another one from the same shoot. Amazing:

Afrographia for Brooker Hollow 2

© 2014 afrographia

I can say without hesitation that these are the best photos I’ve received from anyone who has worn Brooker Hollow knitwear. See more of Michael’s incredible photos and follow his Instagram feed here: afrographia.


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This time of year always makes me think of when I was a kid, and being by the water. Which makes me think of fishing boats. And I find myself wanting to wear a lightweight scarf all the time, as the weather makes up its mind if it’s going to finally get warm or not. So this new scarf is inspired by scarves I’ve worn for years (see below), and trawlers, the nets that fishing boats pull behind them.

Here is the new scarf in jade. The actual color is a bit more jewel-toned and brilliant, but is hard to capture in a photograph accurately:

trawler 2

A few years ago, a dear friend brought back a scarf from Thailand, and it reminded me of a scarf another dear friend brought back for me from Paris in college, which reminded me of a scarf my sister brought back for me from Berlin in high school. I’ve long lost the ones from Berlin and Paris, but all three were similar in shape and function: square, and easy to shape into a triangle and wrap around for optimal comfort in transition weather. I patterned the Trawler Scarf into a triangle, thinking of how much I loved wearing these three other scarves that were gifted to me over the years. Here’s the one from Thailand:

scarf 1

And here’s both styled another way, so you can get a sense of the similarity in shape:

side by side

Available for purchase here.

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Knitted for my Aunt Irene in 100% baby alpaca, this stone-colored scarf stays in place with three vintage buttons.

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Knitted in Eco Duo yarn (which might be my favorite this season). 70% baby alpaca / 30% merino wool. 54″ long. Color: storm (above); pebble (below).

waverly in action

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78″ long. 6.5″ wide. knitted in grey and green merino.

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A variation on the Ryerson Scarf, the Clay Scarf is half as wide, lighter, and built without a mobius. Try it by itself or twist two together for a pop of color.


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Mimi really loved the look of the Wythe Scarf, so I made her this one custom one in Woodlands — a rich mixture of turquoise and umber shades. Pretty lady!


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Here’s two of my favorite people wearing two of my favorite scarves.

Katie is wearing the Ainslie Scarf in heather grey.  (This is the first infinite scarf I ever made: my knitwear company didn’t yet have a name, and we called it a scood, a cross between a scarf and a hood.)

David is wearing the Ryerson Scarf in stone.


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This just in: Brooker Hollow has now officially been sighted on three continents! A good friend of mine gifted a Keap Scarf to a friend in Russia, who sent these photos back of her wearing her new Brooker Hollow infinite scarf. It looks beautiful on her!

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