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I cooked up a few more reversible pillows for a stoop sale last weekend — both from more of Oma’s leftover yarn. One big, one small. Though the pictures really don’t reveal the true brilliance of the colors, you get the idea.

pillows stacked

Here’s a front and back view of the big one. The back view (the second photo below) has gotten some interest on instagram, and I wonder if I should keep at the asymmetrical, colorblock patterning more often. Colors used: day-glo pink, chartreuse, yellow, charcoal, heather grey, orange:

big throw 1

big throw 2
Here are some shots of the smaller one, front and back. Colors used: day-glo pink, red, orange, charcoal, heather grey, tangerine.

small 2

small 1


I’ve been wanting to make some more pillows for own bed for quite some time. I’d gotten as far as making two about a year ago, and recently rounded out the number to four:


Here are some close ups of the new ones. This is the bigger one, front and back:

pillows 2And the smaller one:

pillows 1

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